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Illegal immigrants fearful of being caught in stepped-up workplace raids are fueling a growing market in Houston for phony immigration and work documents.

The result, experts say, is a glut of false, altered and counterfeit documents that are easily obtained at Houston-area flea markets, businesses and clandestine printing shops set up in homes and apartments. The bogus documents include counterfeit Texas driver’s licenses, fake Social Security and “green cards,” and even worthless international driver’s licenses sold here and in other states.

“You could put all of HPD full time on this thing, and I don’t think we could put a dent in it,” said Lt. Robert Sells, with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s driver’s license fraud unit.

The demand has been so strong that law enforcement officers in Texas have been bribed in recent years to sell the valuable documents, and several dozen have been caught.

An ex-federal prosecutor said heightened enforcement has not only boosted demand for counterfeit documents, but increased the price and quality of the fakes.

“You’re seeing stepped-up law enforcement of the worksite, and that leads to more identity theft and false document prosecution,” said Kevin Lachus, a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorney now with the Tindall & Foster immigration firm in Houston. “That results in more training for human resource officials, which makes them more expert in spotting documents, and results in even more sophisticated counterfeit identity documents.”

C Trudeau Video Minister Prime span Sep Tribute 28 2000 org On Houston streets, a top-quality counterfeit green card proving legal residency commands $500, federal agents say. Even shabby green cards bring $15 to $100 while a good-quality package — a driver’s license, green card and Social Security card — can cost $350.

Immigrants sometimes resort to buying real documents from corrupt officials at steep prices.

The most significant recent case involved five immigrants from India and the Caribbean who were fooled by immigration agents posing as crooked law officers. Three were videotaped in a Houston government office last summer as they handed over $15,000 apiece for green cards, according to court records.
Read the rest of the story at Houston Chronicle

Minister C Prime span Video Sep Trudeau 2000 Tribute org 28 Hey, how about that! There are illegals other than Mexicans in the US! Imagine that! I bet that will cause shock and dismay amongst the ranks of the nativists and other looney toons! But hey, if this is the best they can do with fake ID, we have nothing to worry about except for maybe the lazy jerkoffs in LE that can’t tell the difference

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