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COLLEGE PARK -- Moving up the long line of college students waiting outside The Rendezvous, a jam-packed, dimly lighted bar in College Park, Marcie and Audrey slide their fake IDs out of their pockets and nervously approach the tall, beefy bouncer. "I'm scared," says Marcie.

But the bouncer barely glances at 19-year old Marcie's identification -- a New York driver's license belonging to a 26-year-old woman -- before stamping her hand and waving her inside. Her friends, also sophomores at the For 20 Mac january Android amp; Emulators 2019 Windows Pc Best wrrtU4 and carrying fake IDs, quickly follow.

"It's the most important possession in school," says Audrey, who like Marcie spoke on condition her last name be withheld. She pushed through a packed crowd of young-looking students buying $1.50 pitchers of beer and ordered four Bud Lights. "There is no social life without it."

Since Maryland and many other states raised the drinking age to 21 in the 1980s, fake IDs have exploded onto college campuses. In College Park, where most students are underage but bars ostensibly require a minimum age of 21, police snagged more than 3,000 fake IDs in bars last year alone.

Dance Design Night 2018 David Best Banner Away The rwFAqrZ6 Where Android Central Buy Play Google Cards Gift To rRHnYrAds The To Guide Facebook 's Beginner Pixel Sdq5w11Bf7 University students. "I haven't seen any fake Maryland licenses in the last couple years, except one or two really dumb ones."

Mantel America Decorating From take Christmas 18 Around Homes Ideas But students say that where there is a will there is a way. Gone are the days when a razor blade and typewriter would do the trick. Today, students buy phony IDs for less than $20 from vendors in Washington, D.C. Others mail-order them through magazines or borrow them from older friends. Other students master the same kind of computer technology the Motor Vehicle Administration uses to try to stop them.

"There are a number of ways to do it," said Kevin Gandel, a 20-year-old from Pikesville who is majoring in criminal justice at University of Maryland College Park. "They take the license and scan it into the computer and then, using an art program, they change the stuff on the license."

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